If you read anything today, read this post by Milotree.

 I had never heard of them before but I came across them, as you do, when I was browsing for ways to help me to increase the following of our Insta account.

When you go to our homepage you will see a pop up that suggests the viewer follows us on Instagram,as well as a newlsetter pop up, this is a website or blog ‘plug in’ provided my Milotree. If you have been with us from the start you will see that our Insta followers went from 180 to 720 in three weeks. So, I’m guessing that this plug in must be working.

The plug in is only relevant if you have blog or a website, but even if you don’t have either of those, then you probably know someone who does. The reason I’m posting a link to their blog is because it really does say it all and this means I don’t have to re write it! Plus there is an affiliate link in it for us. But don’t worry I wouldn’t recommend ANYTHING that I wouldn’t use myself for my own business.

Here is the link to their post.. It has a fair few sections to it, so you can pick and choose which ones to read, but each one is REALLY useful to help you to market your business/blog online.

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