We love finding out more about our Makingmart sellers so we had a little chat with Laura to find out about her crafty lifestyle. Laura has opened her Makingmart store to sell her beautiful and unique personalised gifts.


You use North East dialect on your embroidery, we love this. Whereabouts in the North East are you from Laura?

I am from Sunderland, although I now live in Nothumberland with my husband (who is Welsh). I love colloquialisms and I’m planning on creating more hoops with other regional phrases – watch this space!

Why and when did you start crafting? Was it to make a living or did you do it for fun to start with?

I started crafting after my Mam bought me a sewing machine for Christmas. I was obsessed with crafting, from buying fabric to making the finished article I was hooked. After attending a couple of craft fairs I wanted to try every craft going! My favourite thing is to blend crafts, sewing combined with embroidery, combined with vinyl- absolute dream!

 Where do you get your inspiration for your handmade products from?

Everywhere. There are so many things on a day to day basis that make me want to create. I love colour, bright colours are my absolute favourite. At the moment I am enjoying creating floral embroidery in pretty spring colours.

 Do you have another job as well as your handmade craft business, are they related in anyway?

I do have a full time job that isn’t creative (booo). I am in the RAF and have been for 12 years.

 What are your plans for your craft business?

I am about to start selling in a gift shop in Newbiggin by the Sea and hope to expand further to other local shops. I now have my online making mart shop which I hope will help boost my online presence and let my makes be seen.

I have begun teaching loom hat making workshops and I am planning on expanding my workshops over the summer to embroidery workshops. I hope one day to be able to move away from my full time work to craft full time, with a blend of selling my own makes and teaching others.

 Finally, what do you have on your making table at the moment, are there any new handmade products we can have a sneak preview of?!



I am currently making reusable make up remover pads and facecloths, I use them myself and will now be selling them in my online shop. 

We think Laura has hit upon a  great way to build up a creative business whilst working full time in a non related job. Makingmart and our community of members can really help to support Laura’s efforts to build up her brand and on line presence! Look at Laura’s unique gifts over on her Makingmart store

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