So I thought I’d let you into my secret of how I achieve my photos.

A good photo will help you get your products seen and can also help promote your sales. The best thing is, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money…just a few decorative items, a phone camera and a wallpaper sample!

I picked up a wallpaper sample from a local DIY store and using my trusty phone I’m good to go. I can edit all my pictures on my phone and no added apps are needed, however see below for recommendations.

The main thing i focus on is the brightness, quality and lighting; i recommend VSCO and Afterlight for this, along with some added filters.

I then look for decorative items that might suit the shot…I like to go with natural items that won’t detract from the product like the Willow branches, I got these from Dunelm.

 Wilko’s have lots of Faux flowers and greenery too!  All the hearts and other bits I already own and were scattered around my home but these can be brought quite easily too.

Right lets do this…

I always try to photograph in the day when the light is at it’s best; this is just in my kitchen on the work top with the wallpaper i mentioned earlier.

It’s as simple as just rolling out the wallpaper, add your products and any dressing. I tend not to have the lights on as it can create a shadow.

The below photo shows what not to do i.e. A dark background and also the product has not been displayed correctly! The lights cause anomalies, shadows and of course the cake stand in the shot…remember guys and gals we are not selling cakes we are promoting our products.

Then just click away…the great thing is you can take as many photos as you like…delete the ones you don’t like.

And here’s the one I’ve used on my Instagram page ( ), I will also add it to my shop.

Have Fun and Good Luck

Love Letty xx

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  1. Tumblefuzzy

    Wow that makes such a difference! Love the before and after shot it really does emphasize the importance of a good arrangement. Thanks for sharing, think I better redo a few of my product shots 🙂 x

        1. Letty.and.Co Post author

          Xx Your heart looks amazing x don’t forget you can still add a little prop this can soften the shot and in your case could show how large and scrummy your heart is Xx Xx ps.. I’ve started following on insta love your page xx

          1. Tumblefuzzy

            Excellent idea, I will give that ago when I next take some pics…I think you would have been in fits if you had seen me taking these pics! It was gale force winds but beautifully sunny, so I grabbed my white throw pinned it down with wellies and snapped away in between the fast moving clouds! ha ha ha thanks for all your help, I love all your crochet too must be very popular Xx