Well, 4 months since the last Blog…mmmm… not sure I’ll make it as a blogger! 🤣 Starting out on a new venture is hard, for instance, so far zero sales through social media 🤦‍♀️ However, first proper craft market last month and that went much better than expected! Even though a lot of people couldn’t help themselves but giggle at my crazy jumbo knitted items 😁😁😁 especially the bobble hats…that were many times mistakenly taken for a tea cosy 🤔 🤣 multi purpose if you ask me! 🤣 Also had someone that was obsessed with squishing the wool, she seriously loved the stuff! At the end of the day she couldn’t bare to be without a couple of squishy Pom Poms so she brought a Jumbo Pom Pom Scarf…one has to be careful where one hangs the Pom Poms once the scarf is wrapped around ones neck, especially if one is likely to walk along squeezing ones Pom Poms!! 🤭🤣 All in all a great day! Bring on the Christmas Markets! 

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